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New England @ Heart Blueberry Patch Frogs

pspan id=docs-internal-guid-928bea83-17cd-9a11-05e5-c8a4448ac844Blueberry Patch Frogs are crafted from whole dried blueberries and roasted cashews, smothered with rich caramel and premium milk chocolate./span/p...

Ferrero to open Nutella Cafe in Chicago

pspan id=docs-internal-guid-46aad563-17a0-5713-a0cd-88e70829696fFerrero North America, manufacturer of cocoa hazelnut spread /spanNutella, will open its first restaurant in Chicago later this month./p...

Avoiding a meltdown: Balancing desire for chocolate, healthier products

pAnd although Atkins does quote several analysts and trots out dire statistics to make his case, this call to alarm could be called a bit of a stretch, somewhat akin to the sensational headlines last year indicating a looming choc...

World Chocolate Masters competition gives chefs opportunity for growth

pspan id=docs-internal-guid-c6fa6d7e-cfb0-a62b-58d9-97755c1b6d37After three hours of intense, precise work, Jove Hubbard sat bleary-eyed in the lobby of the Chicago Chocolate Academy./span/p...

MGM Grand executive pastry chef to compete in World Chocolate Masters final

pFlorent Cheveau, executive pastry chef at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, will represent the United States in the 7th World Chocolate Masters competition, sponsored by Cacao Barry./p...

Hershey releases summer-inspired collection

pspan id=docs-internal-guid-f445fca4-ceb7-2efb-c817-3f0f0767510eThe Hershey Co. is welcoming summer in style with a new, limited-edition lineup of products inspired by popular summertime destinations in the United States./span/p...

Olam opens new Cocoa Innovation Centre in Willowbrook

pOlam Cocoa marked the opening of its latest Cocoa Innovation Centre in Willowbrook, Ill. on April 27./p ...