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How to hand sort 200 grams of export standard sample green beans!!!!!

ALMOST everyone here knows I am a specialty green bean sales person in Guatemala. I am sure that most of people here DOES NOT KNOW exactly what is......

Has anyone studied to get SCAE Diploma?

Personally, I have never taken any type of coffee seminars, educations, programs or courses to get certifications or diploma. However, I have heard......

To run a Specialty cafe, is Passion Enough?

if you ask many Specialty coffee shop owners about his dedicated passion about coffee, he/she would rather mention something else to run a......

What are the important rules for a coffee shop, specially Specialty coffee shop?

This subject was brought up quite a bit in many different ways, but to me, it is so important for a new business owner who is about to open his very......

Why Honey Bees are dying?

A lot of coffee farmers in Guatemala have second income for selling HONEY to tourists and local shops. But last few years, they have been......

What would be the best of preserving coffee flavors FOR HOME USE?

Regards to this matter, I made a separate thread, so that it can be searched properly in the future use for other new or old members. Below is a......

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